Faculty of Physical
Education and Sport
Comenius University Bratislava


The origin, history and mission of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports

The first predecessor of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sport (FPES) was Institute of Physical Education of Slovak University (present Comenius University in Bratislava), founded in 1939. Eight years later the institute was affiliated to the Faculty of Education and in 1950 it became its Department of Physical Education. FPES originated from Institute of Physical Education and Sport, which was established in 1960.
FPES originally offered five-year study programmes physical education teachers and four-year coaching programmes. Civil defence teacher training ceased to exist after November 1989. Interest in coaching study programmes has been growing substantially and currently more students are enrolled in these than in teaching programmes. FPES prepares professionals in cooperation with other faculties (teachers in cooperation with Faculty of Arts and Faculty of Natural Sciences, physiotherapists in cooperation with Faculty of Medicine and managers in cooperation with Faculty of Management). The faculty offers Bachelor´s, Master´s and postgraduate study programmes. Its aim is not only to prepare specialists in physical education and sport, but also in the field of sport science research (sport educology, sport humanistic and sport kinanthropology).

Faculty’s mission and function


Faculty’s fundamental mission is to provide higher education by means of accredited study programmes, enhance body-mind equilibrium, disseminate knowledge and wisdom, patience and the good in humans and to contribute to the development of science, culture, sports and health for the whole society. It fulfils its aim and priorities by promoting the values of democracy, humanism, tolerance, honour and European solidarity. It emphasizes creative, critical and independent thinking, reasonable self-confidence and national pride..


The faculty promotes scientific, research, developmental, educational, editorial, sports and other creative activities in accredited study programmes and acts according to Section 22 of Act No. 131/2002 Collection of Law on Higher Education and Section 22(5) Collection of Law on Higher Education. It provides suitable conditions for the achievement of these activities, in accordance with the rules and regulations of University Act and the Statute of Comenius University in Bratislava.
Political organizations mustn´t be established and political movements and activities mustn´t be carried out on campus.
The faculty cooperates with slovak and foreign faculties and universities, scientific institutions, other legal entities and individuals and creates suitable conditions for the members of academia to take part in these processes.
The faculty is part of public university and the extent of its competences and rights is specified in Article 12 of Statute of Comenius University and in Section 23 of Act No. 131/2002 Collection of Law on Higher Education. Business activities, as other of the faculty’s functions, relate to its educational, pedagogical, research, developmental and creative activities and are used to develop more efficient use of human resources and assets in accordance with Section 18 Act No. 131/2002 Collection of Law on Higher Education and Article 42 of Statute of Comenius University.
It prepares a long-term plan based on a long-term objective of Comenius University pursuant to Article 47(2) of Statute of Comenius University.