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One of the two basic missions of the Faculty of Physical Education and Sports of the Comenius University in Bratislava is ​​education. Faculty of Physical Education and Sports provides higher education within the accredited study programmes in all grades ...... All study programmes are accredited by the Accreditation Commission.

Study is structured in accordance with the Bologna Declaration into three degrees: bachelor's, master's and doctorate. Programmes are organised by credit system corresponding to European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS). This system provides greater freedom in creating students´ studies and offers space for mobility.

Our faculty provides education in all three levels of study: bachelor, master and doctorate. Each of these three degrees have ....... accredited study programmes. Our faculty is unique in regard to the study possibilities. Many of the programmes have a long tradition and are taught by professionals from those fields.

The requirement for admission to the faculty is to have a complete secondary education (GCSE) and to pass the entrance exams. The entrance exam is a written test designed to examine the candidate's general study prerequisites for university studies and is the same for all programmes. A test of specific conditions required for the study of particular study programmes is another part of the entrance exam.

Applicant may sign up for two study programmes, with the exception of a combination of two study programs that differ in the test of specific conditions. The order of study programmes filled in the application form is binding and expresses the preference of study programmes. In case the candidates are not accepted for the first study programme, they have a chance to enter the study programme indicated as the next it their application form – as long as the entrance requirements are met. Written tests are corrected anonymously to ensure the highest possible transparency of the admission procedure.

Applicants for master´s degree are accepted without entrance exam and the acceptance depends on a rank based on the average undergraduate studying results. Applicants for master's degree who completed the Bachelor´s degree at different faculty can sign up for master´s programme as long as their degree is related to sports studies.

More information for applicants, current students and graduates is available in this part of the webpage:

Code of Studies
The list of accredited study programmes in Bachelor´s, Master and Doctoral degree
Current Bachelor´s Degree Programmes