Faculty of Physical
Education and Sport
Comenius University Bratislava

Department of Biological and Medical Sciences

Bio-medical subjects are taught in Slovak as well as English language for Erasmus students by teachers of Department of Sports Kinanthropology. The relation between physical activity and health is one of the main research areas of the department. Aging and Lifestyle Diseases Research Centre joins research projects exploring the use of physical activities as a means of reducing the negative effects of ageing and preventing and treating various lifestyle-related diseases. Members cooperate with several national universities (Slovak Medical University, Medical Faculty of Comenius Unversity), as well as other research institutions in Slovakia and abroad in research activities. Foreign university teachers completing their internship, research workers and PhD students are supervised by the department. Spreading the knowledge of healthy lifestyle and the role of physical activity in the treatment and prevention of diseases by organizing lectures held by medical experts, as well as by the promotion and organization of blood donation at the Faculty. The teachers are members of the state examination committee and PhD awarding committee. Furthermore they are also members of the habilitation procedures and the procedures to appoint professors. The members guarantee “Sport and Health” study programme.