Faculty of Physical
Education and Sport
Comenius University Bratislava

Department of Outdoor Sports and Swimming

Department of Outdoor Sports

  • Description
    Outdoor sports section focuses on teaching the theory and practice of tourism and outdoor sports.
    Lectures and seminars are used for theoretical background of outdoor sports. Learning the practical skills is provided by courses taking place in the natural outdoor environment, usually lasting 1 week.
    The section of tourism and the section of skiing provide courses of summer and winter outdoor sports, respectively.
  • Research
    Basic research is focused on broadening of the knowledge in the field of outdoor courses.
  • Facilities
    Department has a storage room and a maintentance room for storing and repairing the outdoor sports equipment. Canoeing and other water sports are taught at FTVŠ UK shipyard.
  • Study programmes
    Study programmes are part of FTVŠ UK curriculum.
  • Knowledge assessment
    Oral exams, written tests and practical demonstrations of motor skills.

Department of Swimming

  • Description
    Basic and competitive swimming, synchronized swimming, water polo, synchronized diving, rescue swimming, scuba diving, finswimming are taught by the teachers of this department.
    Students are free to choose from optional subjects: swimming for fitness, recreational swimming, rehabilitation swimming, and aqua fitness.
  • Research
    The main research areas are: didactics of swimming at all types of schools, monitoring the swimming ability, evaluating the factors of sports performance structure in swimming and synchronized swimming, monitoring the intensity of physical activity in the water environment.
  • Teaching methods
    Lectures, seminars, and consultations.
    Theoretical knowledge and practice are assessed continuously by means of exams, writing reports, and practical demonstrations of selected skills.