Faculty of Physical
Education and Sport
Comenius University Bratislava

Department of Sports Games



  • basketball
  • football
  • handball
  • ice hockey
  • tennis
  • volleyball
  • motion games
  • non-traditional sports games


Creating models of training workload to ensure the performance in sports games (VEGA)
Monitoring the development of motor abilities and performance in talented children and youth in dependence on the level of their biological maturity (VEGA)
Performance standards in secondary schools (VEGA)


Educational process takes part in a sports hall, on tennis and outdoor basketball courts, in seminar rooms and assembly hall. Sports hall is equipped with indoor digital wall chronometer, radio and kickback rebounders. An adequately equipped gym is an integral part of the sports hall. Desktop computers, laptops, heart rate monitors, interface, camcorders, video player, overhead projectors, slide projectors are also available for research and educational purposes. Teaching is carried out by means of giving lectures, seminars, practical training and consultations.

Knowledge assessment and evaluation

Students' knowledge and level of motor skills are assessed by means of seminar papers, theoretical and practical tests, practical demonstration of teaching, practical observations of teaching at schools, carrying out the training processes, written and oral exams.

Collections (2009)

  • Department of Sports Games’s Collection of Research Works no. 12 – Creating criteria for the evaluation of match and training workload intensity in sports games (VEGA 1/4495/07)
  • Department of Sports Games’s Collection of Research Works no. 13 - Modeling of technical and fitness profile of young players for various player position in sport games (VEGA 1/4507/07)
  • Department of Sports Games’s Collection of Research Works no. 14 - Structural models of game performance in team sports games (VEGA 1/4493/07)